Art is everywhere at Oberlin: in our acclaimed 艾伦纪念艺术博物馆, 遍布十大赌博靠谱网络平台和校园演出场地, 在古老的阿波罗剧院, 在我们的学生社团, 甚至在你的房间里.

The Allen offers 学生 opportunities to view a range of artwork that coincides with their coursework.
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See a concert, dance to 生活 music, watch a film, rent a painting, or try capoeira. With access to more than 500 events a year on one small campus, the cultural opportunities at Oberlin will shape your way of life.


The 艾伦纪念艺术博物馆 (AMAM) comprises more than 15,000件, and it consistently ranks among the top academic art museums in the nation. 展出的艺术家包括夏加尔, 毕加索, 莫奈, 和其他人, 还有来自非洲的全球艺术收藏品, 日本, 和更多的. The museum’s resources, galleries, and its programs are free to all. 

In addition, Oberlin professors bring classes to a print study room to view works from storage. Of course, with Oberlin’s celebrated 艺术租赁 Program, you can 生活 一整个学期的原创艺术作品.


You’ll find the 黑尔斯艺术工作室 in the lower level Hales Gymnasium complex. 参加者在此接受艺术指导和工作室工作, and large-scale individual or group art assignments involving painting, 画, 安装, 和性能. 艺术系在这里举办期末表演, 展出学生绘画作品, 图纸, 和雕塑.


1947年由弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特设计, the Weltzheimer /约翰逊的房子 is one of a very few Usonian houses open to the public. Usonian refers to a group of about 50 Wright homes designed for middle-class Americans following World War II. These houses are modest, environmentally conscious, single-story dwellings. 它们体现了欧伯林的可持续性价值, 为被动式太阳能供暖和制冷而建, 自然采光的天窗, 地板辐射采暖. 

探索Weltzheimer /约翰逊的房子

艺术也在其他空间蓬勃发展. The Baron Gallery is a multiuse exhibition facility dedicated in 2010. 毗邻欧伯林校友会, it provides exhibition space and event opportunities for 学生, 教师, 还有本地和国际艺术家.


艺术租赁 is not a place but an opportunity to 生活 with great art. 每个只要5美元, 每学期可以租两幅原创作品, 通常是蚀刻, 照片, 海报, 或平版印刷. 有图卢兹-罗特列克等艺术家的作品, 毕加索, 红色新郎, 租赁集合有适合每个人的东西.


This renovated auditorium serves as a multipurpose gallery and lecture facility for the art department and musuem. 多媒体设施, 艺术家的讲座, 表演, and the department’s capstone Senior Studio program exhibit take place here.



奥伯林的校园就像一个巨人, 多场馆音乐厅, 校园里几乎到处都有演出. Grand spaces like 芬尼教堂 and 华纳音乐厅 host the Cleveland Orchestra and Punch Brothers, and smaller spaces host everything from campus improv clubs and 爵士乐 ensembles to national touring acts.

各种类型的音乐, 剧院, and dance are available to experience as an audience member or performer. 每个宿舍和合作公寓都有钢琴, your performance might be at midnight after a night in the library.

门口还有标志性的50年代风格的大帐篷, 奥伯林的阿波罗剧院是质量的代名词, 适合家庭观赏的电影,价格合理. 这家单屏电影院放映的是老派电影, 自1913年以来,一卷一卷的电影吸引了热情的观众.

这家翻新的剧院位于市中心东街19号. 大学圣., has a 411-seat single-screen main 剧院 and a 61-seat screening room on the ground level, 室内票务中心, 扩大租界范围, 一个新的音响系统和数字放映机. 它还拥有一个带有编辑实验室的媒体教育中心, 动画区, 一个录音室和一个小放映室. 学生s can  create movies and other media and share it with the community in the 剧院. 


以其音响效果和美丽而闻名, 芬尼教堂 stands at the heart of Oberlin's intellectual and musical life. Architect Cass Gilbert’s Romanesque arches and oak pews give the place a grand majesty, 而一个不朽的C.B. 菲斯克管风琴给人一种真正深情的感觉. 

这个1,200-seat sanctuary hosts prominent speakers and acclaimed musicians, but that accounts for only about a dozen of the nearly 200 events on this stage each year, including the monthly Organ Pump and 表演 by the Oberlin Orchestra and Oberlin Jazz Ensemble.


的独特, wave-like façade of the 501-seat Sophronia Brooks Hall Auditorium is where large-scale 剧院 productions, 舞蹈表演, 每年还有两场歌剧演出.  

Buy tickets to major campus events in the Central Ticket Services box office in the lobby.

Kander Theater is a new performance space that replaces the Little Theater, part of a larger renovation project to support and enhance Oberlin’s Department of Theater. 新空间可容纳75人, 使它成为小规模活动的理想场所, 亲密的, 以及戏剧学院的实验作品, 学生, 还有以戏剧为基础的学生组织.


William and Helen Birenbaum Innovation and Performance Space is the most recent event space. This club-like venue in the lower level of the Hotel at Oberlin accommodates more than 100 客人s.

By day the Birenbaum serves as a teaching space; by night it features conservatory 表演 and special events.


This underground hotspot features touring artists and Oberlin student bands representing a variety of styles, 包括独立, 嘻哈, 爵士乐, 还有尚未命名的类型, as well as Oberlin 学生 who form top-notch musical combos or take up residence in the DJ booth.

位于怀尔德大厅的底层, Sco有令人印象深刻的桶装啤酒可供选择, 还有飞镖, 台球, 和桌上足球.     


The vibe at Oberlin’s performing arts coffeehouse changes with the wildly varied programs that take place here, 从创作歌手到诗歌表演, 从即兴表演到深夜忧郁.

The Cat also is known for its giant cookies—baked by the student workers who run the place—and its weekly Jazz Forums at noon on Fridays.


藏在现代主义的伯特兰和朱迪思·科尔大厦里, the conservatory’s exemplary recording studio is the site of 演出, 讲座, 以及学生的多媒体演示, 教师, 和客人.


David H. 斯图尔演奏厅, 以十大赌博靠谱网络平台的校友和前任院长命名, 是明亮灵活的吗,300 square-foot performance space on the top floor of the conservatory’s signature building, Bibbins大厅.

被亲切地称为“顶层公寓”,Stull Hall举办大师班, 演出, 以及其他音乐活动,最多可容纳120位客人.


The stone-walled space of 仙童教堂 lends itself to quiet meditation, 精神上的聚会, and early music and a cappella arrangements for small audiences. 这座有150个座位的教堂位于博斯沃思大厅,


With seating for 144, Kulas is ideal for chamber music 表演.


始建于1901年,是一座体育馆, 时代华纳中心 is home to Oberlin’s 剧院 and dance departments. 维多利亚风格的大型健身房, 华纳主要, 用作教室, 舞蹈工作室, 和多功能的250个座位的表演空间.  


学生, 客人, and 教师 演出 and recording sessions take place in this 645-seat hall that features a 44-stop Flentrop organ with 3,400年管道.


学生俱乐部 & 组织

在这里,艺术不仅仅是音乐和表演专业的学生. Whether you’re considering contra dance or seeking fellow horror movie fans, 你会找到——或者组建一个志同道合的团队.

无论你是空中特技演员还是电台DJ, 我们有超过175个活跃的学生社团, 其中很多都与艺术有关, 包括摇摆舞, 欧柏林电影系列, 至少四个无伴奏合唱团, 即兴表演团体, 和WOBC-FM, 学生开办的广播电台. 

探索俱乐部 & 组织