Four people share a laugh on a brisk fall day on campus.
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The 学生事务处 is committed to a vision of 多样性和包容性 that fosters the academic and personal growth of Oberlin students.

工作人员 in the 学生事务处 does this by creating a more seamless connection between curricular and cocurricular experiences; advising and mentoring that is focused on the development of life skills and interpersonal growth; and building and bridging intellectual and personal communities.

The chief administrative office within the division is the 学生主任办公室, which oversees and handles the day-to-day functions of 12 student-focused offices. These offices encompass five main areas: academic support, 安全和健康, 住宅生活, 多样性和包容性, 以及学生的领导和参与.

The division also collaborates with other campus offices that provide a range of student academic and support services.


We believe when students live and eat together in common spaces, it will build a stronger community. Having a four-year residential campus means that learning never stops. These offices direct and support all aspects of the residential college experience.


和室友有矛盾? 需要导师或学术住宿? Feeling overwhelemed by coursework and activities? 想成立一个俱乐部或找一份实习工作? 有专门的办公室. Division of Student Life personnel are ready to assist you with whatever concern or need may arise: from financial to medical, 从学术到社会, 和很多, 更.




欧柏林大学 recognizes and actively supports the distinctive 文化 identities, 宗教信仰, 以及个人和群体的历史, while encouraging them to transcend these familiar boundaries through encounters with those whose experiences and perspectives are different from their own.

students at table during lunch  eating and drinking.


The 学生主任办公室 oversees academic integrity, monitors student conduct and community standards, coordinates large-scale social activities and trips, 并为有各种需求的学生提供支持.

Each of Oberlin’s residence halls and Program Houses have common areas and comfy lounges for students to socialize, 计划活动, 或者学习. These spaces allow students to nurture friendships and build community in their home away from home.

group of students sitting in lounge area talking and laughing.
Students relax in the lounge area of Afrikan Heritage House.
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