Leadership & Administration

Architectural detail: columns and arches.
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The president is the chief executive officer of the college and is responsible for its effective administration and operation. The president reports to the Board of Trustees and is an ex officio member. In its more than 175-year history, 15 individuals have served as college president. 

The Oberlin College Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college, ensuring that we achieve major goals and uphold our mission. The president provides day-to-day leadership and general supervision over the functions of Oberlin, reporting to the board and serving as member ex officio. The executive leadership team, whose members oversee various academic and administrative functions of the college and conservatory, support the work of the president.

The vice president, general counsel and secretary is the chief legal officer of the college and the liaison to the college’s Board of Trustees and its committees. The officer is responsible for managing the college’s legal affairs and overseeing legal services to the college. The vice president, general counsel and secretary also reviews and provides advice on a wide array of legal questions, including the impact of existing and proposed laws and regulations on college operations or policies.

In addition to being a repository of historical records and the custodian of the seal of the corporation, this office serves as an informational resource for the Board of Trustees, and advises and briefs the president and board chair on board matters and governance policy and practice.

Office of the President

Office of the Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary